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About PURE

Created For Good Clean Fun™, we're the first and only fully antimicrobial drinkware brand. We believe in placing the power in your hands for wellness, self expression, & making the world more PURE.

Our Story

How We Got Here

When PURE co-founder Chip was in the Marine Corps, he witnessed the dangerous effects on human health caused by drinking out of plastic bottles that had been exposed to sunlight. Profoundly impacted by this experience, and motivated by a passion to keep others safe— PURE was founded with a mission to create unique drinkware that not only protects people from the dangers of toxins leached from plastic on the inside, but also protects the outside surface of the vessel from microbes.

In Pursuit of True Wellness

Hot Plastic is Not Good, Clean, or Fun

When plastic is heated or exposed to sunlight it leaches harmful endocrine disruptors, which when consumed can mimic estrogen in the human body. This can lead to a number of detrimental side effects and health issues. We wanted to create pure drinkware that is both safe for your health & good for your wellbeing.

A Heart to Keep People Safe

(and have FUN in the process!)